A lover of unreason, and an exile (beingjdc) wrote,
A lover of unreason, and an exile

Notes from a Small Festival

Or quite a large one. Oxford Beer Festival yesterday. A bit on the crowded side, not helped by the use of one half of the hall for serving, and the other half of the hall for beers-in-waiting. I guess it reduces the required number of staff, but... well anyway. Here's what I drank.

Bateman (Wainfleet, Lincolnshire) Salem Porter: Smooth drinking, hints of Nutella, could have gone for a few pints of this.
Bellingers (Grove, Oxfordshire) Original Bitter: Smelt like marker pens, tasted like bicycle grease. Delicious all round.
Boggart Hole Clough (Manchester) Coffee Porter: Had just eaten a Cornish pasty and fancied a porter for dessert. More coffee than porter, this, to the extent I got a caffeine rush. Interesting all the same.
Bushy's (Braddan, Isle of Man) 1874 Ruby Mild: Another one I could happily spend most of an afternoon drinking, nice enough if a little bit on the dull side.
Holdens (Woodsetton, West Midlands) Black Country Mild: I think I had this last, I recall it being nice but I didn't keep any notes.
Hook Norton (Where do you think?) Flagship: "IPA Style", apparently. My notes say "Beer, with a hint of beer". If you want an entry in the encyclopedia for ale, this is it.
Rich's Farmhouse (Watchfield, Somerset) Sweet Cider: Christmas in a damp house. Spiced apple, cinnamon, and a hint of socks. Very nice.
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