A lover of unreason, and an exile (beingjdc) wrote,
A lover of unreason, and an exile

Today's office game

Occasionally when we're doing something tedious in the office, usually stuffing envelopes addressed to MPs, we play the relations game. You take people you are contacting, and consider to whom they might be related. It's best to start off with something quite sedate and believable, for example;

"I wonder if Caroline Dinenage is related to Fred Dinenage?" (Answer turns out to be yes)

Then something plausible sounding but unlikely;

"I wonder if Daniel Kawczynski is related to Jarosław Kaczyński?"
"I wonder if Keith Simpson is related to Homer Simpson?"

Then all bets are off, with bonus points awarded for surrealism.

"I wonder if Mark Spencer is related to Marks and Spencer?"
"I wonder if Norman Lamb is related to a lamb?"
"I wonder if Louise Bagshawe is related to Bagpuss?"
"I wonder if John Mann is related to the Mister Men?"
"I wonder if William Hague is related to the International Criminal Court at The Hague?"

You can join in if you like. http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mps/
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Is Philip Lee related to Ang Lee? is Luciana Berger related to Patrick Berger? Is John Woodcock related to..er..perhaps I'll stop.
Is Al Paccino related to my cappuccino?
Is Jake Berry related to a gooseberry?
Is Brian Binley related to a bin?
Is Liam Fox related to the Fantastic Mr Fox?
Hello. You seem to know burnyourbones and also I think you agree with me on politics. I assume this because I approve of your comments about the Lib Dems/Labour on Lauren's journal. Not because I am some weird brain-stalker. Mind if I add you?
If you like - I don't say much these days, though, and even less of it is interesting!