A lover of unreason, and an exile (beingjdc) wrote,
A lover of unreason, and an exile

Feeling Gloomy 20/11/2010 Setlist (Pulp Night)

Early one for me, playing mainly to the early birds and the people who had stayed after the Bowie tribute band.

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
X Japan - Crucify My Love
Gladys Knight - The Way We Were
Propaganda - Wound In My Heart
Leo Sayer - Orchard Road
Mary Black - Past the Point of Rescue
Carpenters - It's Going to Take Some Time
Last Town Chorus - Modern Love
All Seeing I - Drive Safely Darlin'
Alison Moyet - All Cried Out
Aha - Crying In The Rain
Pulp - Styloroc (Nites of Suburbia)
Pulp - The Mark of the Devil
Pulp - She's a Lady (live version)
Suede - One Hit to the Body
Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt
Pulp - Stacks
Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down
Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done To Deserve This
Pulp - My Lighthouse
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