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I've already had my sweetest dreams come true

Stars above, made for wishing, made for dreamers

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A lover of unreason, and an exile
18 November
abba, alison moyet, ash, baxendale, being allergic to everything, billy bragg, black 47, black box recorder, buffy, camusfearna, canasta, catnip, cats, celtic fc, christy moore, cointreau, county councils, county kerry, courtney love, cycling in improbable circumstances, decadence, dilbert, donovan, edith piaf, elections, english pastoral art, fashionista, feeling gloomy, fischerspooner, flogging molly, france, francophone, garlic, gavin maxwell, geek rock, gigs, glam, glitter, good red wine, having been worse, helen love, hole, interstate trucking songs, jacques brel, jake thackray, jarvis, jay-jay johanson, jim crace, joan baez, joy division, julie burchill, kenickie, kierkegaard, kittens, knives, labour party, ladytron, laurent voulzy, lavender, lille, local government, losing at chess, love, luka bloom, madness, making everything purple, momus, monty python, my private life, new order, northampton, not actually liking paris, oceans, oestrogen, orlando, oxford, oxford university, pasolini, philip jeays, philosophy, pinball machines, poteen, pratchett, pretending to dj, proper beer, psychodelicates, pulp, puzzle bobble, quantum leap, quebec, queen adreena, ramones, red dwarf, redefining socialism, retiring to ireland, retrogaming, ring of bright water, romantic modernism, sartre, seanchai, seven nations, shifty disco, socialist realist art, south park, stereo total, suede-the-band, sweet white wine, switchblade kittens, tempura, terry wogan, tetrinet, the cure, the sea, the simpsons, the smiths, the sneem peninsula, the west wing, the young dubliners, they might be giants, thursday, tom stoppard, trembling blue stars, vegetarian, vegetarian fried breakfasts, vodka, weird al, wetherspoons sunday roasts, winding people up, wine, wolfe tones, yorkshire, your sinclair, zx spectrum, zx81

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